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Cell Phone Jammer Helps Your Students Pay Attention to Your Class

Posted on 16th Aug 2016 @ 9:58 AM

These days it is common for students to use their cell phones, even the class. They may use their cell phone out of your sight, for an example, they may use a book as a shield. So you may surprise that no wonder they lower their head and sight never at the board. Students of junior grade are lack of immaturity both in psychological development, as well as physical growth. So they may have no resolving power and perseverance. They may addicted to the internet, games, or puppy love, that they would use their cell phones searching the internet, playing games, or chatting with people they like. Or, simply they feel bored with what you said, which in deep sad to you. What if you block out the ability for students to search the internet, text and call in a classroom?   Obviously they have no choice but listen to your class. That easily we come to this conclusion, cell phone jammer helps your students pay attention to your class. Why? Because cell phone jammer can block cell phone signals. Here we would like to show you a wonderful product named Pocket-size 3G Wireless Cell Phone Jammer.

Mini Hidden Style Handheld 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

This cell phone Jammer owns powerful ability of blocking the cell phone signals of GSM, DCS, CDMA and 3G. Even the output power is just 0.5Watts, not high the jamming distance can also up to 10 meters based on the signal strength in the real place and situation.

Design with pocket size, this cell phone jammer can be easily take in your pocket or your bags, or place it on the platform since it looks like an ordinary cell phone. It can be used for around 2-3 hours continuously, which is enough for a class time.

What’s more, no setup necessary, turn on and it immediately begins to jam localized signals. And certainly, all cell phones can return to work when the jammer was turned off, or keep an enough distance from it.

This Pocket-size 3G Wireless Cell Phone Jammer is really worth to purchase if you want your students get rid of internet and focus on their learning. You can see how your student improve their scopes and how the households thank for your effort to teach their children knowledge and how your leaders and colleagues praise to you in the future after you use this amazing cellphone jammer.