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The best seller for GPS Signal Blocker

Posted on 4th Aug 2016 @ 10:18 AM

Now some criminals use GPS tracker get the position of other people and steal their privacy. This is really a horrible situation. In this case, GPS jammers are increasing by being adopted by those who are concern about their privacy. If you observe carefully in our website, you will find this Mini GPS Satellite Signal Blocker is our best seller for GPS signal blocker. Why this product is so popular? Please follow me. I will tell you the reasons.

Mini GPS Satellite Signal Jammer for Car Using

1. Functions and Features.

1) Prevent You Being Tracked By GPS Positioning System.

The mini portable GPS jammer can block all GPS satellite signals, which are typically vulnerable to interference. The jammer has a high gain removable antenna. It help better detect the presence of GPS-enabled devices within a specific scope and blocks the working of all the GPS within the limits, but do not affect the usage of other electronic equipments at all. You can still use you cell phone, Wifi gadget when turn on the GPS jammer, worry free of signal interference. The usage of the device can prevent someone else from tracking your location and protect your privacy effortlessly.

2) Has a Wide Working Range

The GPS blocker has a working range of 1500-1600MHz, covering a jamming radius up to 15m, depending on the given signals. This GPS Signal Blocker is designed to block the signals of the GPS signal trackers and once the signals of them are blocked the GPS trackers will lose its normal function.


2. Mini Size 

The GPS jammer can be simply set up in mobile vehicle by plugging it into the car cigarette lighter. Thus this device is designed to be used in the car only which is really convenient for the car owners of whom the GPS trackers are installed in their cars. Through the size is small the effective jamming radius of this GPS Signal Jammer is up to 15 meters at most.


3. Price.

Surfing on the Internet, you’ll find most GPS jammers are in high price, ranging from US$200 to US$2000, or more. But if turn to this Mini GPS Satellite Signal Blocker, you will surprise by its low price. While this GPS jammer is in great features and owns good design.


In general, the GPS jammer is featured with great coverage, compact mini size, a low price. Are you attracted? If yes, why not by one now? Add this one and give yourself better sense of security. What you need to pay attention is this GPS Signal Jammer can only block the GPSL1 trackers’ signal in the car. Need to block other GPS frequency bands, just search for the suitable one.