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For Military/Prison Securit - High Power Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Will Be Your Best Choice

Posted on 20th Jul 2016 @ 9:46 AM

For Military/Prison Security

We all know that the military, prison and some government department are some important places, in which mobile phones are not allowed to be used to prevent the situation of the important places like the military and the prisons being given out. There was a riot in 26 prison of Sao Paulo Brazil on Feb. 19, 2001 for the reason of a cell phone use. Since 2002 from the consecutive riots in Brazil, cell phone jammer has been installed in the Brazilian correctional facilities. In those cases, the safety condition and the network security is of much concern.

120W Powerful Directional 3G Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

A lot of methods have been taken to solve the problem and now in order to block the signals of the mobile phones, Military/Prison Jammers are being applied and just here you can have a look at the function and the ability of the military prison signal jammer.

High Power Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

Always the military jammers or prison jammers here are designed with high output power and powerful in jamming the mobile phone signals as CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G and other frequency bands. And some prison jammers here also have met the requirements of both being used outdoor and indoor. Some even designed with the waterproof and shockproof designed to make the usage more convenient. With high power mobile phone signal Jammer, control can be managed over criminal communications in the military, prison and some government department. Take 120W High Power 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer as an example.

The first advantage of this 3G mobile phone signal jammer is that it can block the 5 frequency bands CDMA GSM DCS PCS,3G at the same time once turn on it. And the second advantage is that since owning 120W high output the jamming radius is of course powerful so depending on the signal strength in the given area, the jamming radius of this 120W high power jammer is up to 150 meters according to the signal strength in the detailed place. In this case for the places where need to cut off the 3G signals and owns a big area this mobile phone jammer is suitable and plays an important role in such condition. Thus as owning good design and cooling system, this 120W high power jammer supports continuously working.

Moreover this high power jammer is environmentally friendly and it will cause no harm to people’s health when you use it. Just by using it the 3G signals can be blocked without any difficulty.

Never worry about the problem of illegal use cell phones and military/prison security, high power mobile phone signal jammer will be your best choice.