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Turn on cell phone signal jammer for your kids

Posted on 4th May 2016 @ 9:50 AM

With the widely spread of smart phones, kids are having their own phones. The original purpose parents are buying kids phones is to keep in touch with them and call each other when there is emergency. But when kids are having their own phones, especially the smart phones, they tend to spend too much time on it and time to read and exercise are occupied. So it is high time for the parents to keep the smart phones away from their kids for some time. The easiest way to do this is to buy a cell phone signal and Wifi signal jammer.

Handheld Selectable Bluetooth WiFi 3G 4G Cellphone Signal Jammer

Buying a cell phone signal and Wifi signal jammer doesn’t mean that your kids cannot use their phones any more. You can just turn it during a necessary period of time. When your kids get home from school, they used to texting in their cell phone or browsing the social media. To change this condition, you can turn the cell phone and Wifi signal jammer on, so they cannot use their smart phones any more. You can encourage them to finds some friends to play sports or do some reading. Besides, on weekends, you can arrange some trips with your family. It is a good way for you to strengthen the relationship within your family. Also being addicted to electrical products is bad for the physical and mental health of your kids. They are too young to distinguish bad things from the informative internet. So you need to guide them when they are still too young.

There are many kinds of cell phone signal and Wifi signal jammers that are suitable for the family use. Today we are introducing you one jammer that is a portable. It is specify in blocking the 3G, 4G and Wifi signal which is adapted by most of the smart phones nowadays. As it can work on the battery and the size of it is only 126x76x35mm with the weight of 0.65 KG, it is very easy for you to take it with you when you are having a trip with your kids. When it is working at home, the jamming range can be up to 20 meters, which is enough for blocking the signal in the entirely house. It is power-efficient as the total output power is only 3W. As it is equipped with car charger, you can also use and charge it in your car. The last but not the least, the user-friendly makes it very easy for you to understand and operate this device.

To improve the physical and mental condition of your kids and to gain your colorful family life back, you cannot miss this portable cell phone signal and Wifi signal jammer.