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Popular cell phone signal jammer

Posted on 27th Apr 2016 @ 10:05 AM

It is not strange to see the cell phone signal jammer working in our daily lives to help people. They do a lot help in bring peace back to our lives as well as protecting the personal privacy. There are various kinds of cell phone signal jammer available in the market, and each of them may have different quality. So it is very important to distinguish the good jammers from the rest. Today we are introducing you a very popular cell phone signal jammer among the users all over the world. It is produced in high quality but it sells in reasonable price. So it has become a hot seller in our store. It is the Selectable Portable Size 3G 4G Cell Phone Signal Jammer Wifi Jammer.

6 Antennas Handheld Selectable 3G 4G Full Frequency Cellphone Signal Jammer & WiFi Jammer

There are cell phone signal jammers that block the 2G, 3G or 4G cell phone signal. But most of them are capable of blocking one single cell phone signal. The jammer we are talking about can block all kinds of cell phone signal which includes CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G, and 4G. And it is designed selectable. You can choose the signal kind you want to block in different situations. All you have to do is to press a button. So this single cell phone signal jammer equals to several jammers that can only block only one kind of cell phone signal. And do not forget the Wifi signal. And the Wifi is widely used as the smart phones are quickly spread. With this jammer, you can also keep the Wifi signal away from you if you want.

Compared to the cell phone signal jammer that are depending on the stable electricity power supply, this product owns the advantage of being portable. It can work with the battery in it, so you can take it to anywhere you want. Besides, the battery can work up to 2 hours. And there is a car charger, so it can be used and charged in your car. It is very great to block the tracker that works on the cell phone signal. So you would not be tracked by others if you turn it on your car. Besides, this device only weighs 500 g and the size of it is only 127/250x75x34mm. So it is very easy for you take it with you when you are walking.

In addition, the block distance can be up to 15 m. So it can totally achieve the aim of blocking the signal in your house.

If you are interested in this all kinds of cell phone signal and Wifi jammer, you can avail this opportunity of purchasing this jammer, as there are discount available now.