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Protect your personal privacy from being tracked

Posted on 12th Apr 2016 @ 9:55 AM

Are you afraid of being tracked by others? With the development of science and technology, it is becoming easier and easier to locate and track. One breaking invention is the GPS. GPS is a kind of useful tool to help us locate and track. When it is adopted in the vehicle, it can help the driver find the road and it can also help to remember where they have been. So they don’t need paper maps anymore. But with the improvement of the GPS technology and tracker, it is becoming a threat to people’s privacy. More and more people are worried if they are being tracked. So here comes a wonderful device that can help you make the GPS tracker defective and protect your privacy.

Portable Mini GPSL1 Signal Blocker with Car Charger

This portable GPS jammer is very good for the business men. Business men are very busy and they would drive to different companies to negotiate with people. Once they are being tracked by the enemy company, much of their business information would be leaked. And as we all know it is very easy to install a GPS tracker to the car. So it is high time that company should install GPS jammer to their cars or the business men should take the GPS jammer with them. Because its size is small and the weight is light. They can put the GPS jammer into their brief-case and take the device to anywhere they want. With this device around them, business men do not have to worry about being tracked by the competitors.

Apart from the business men, the GPS jammer is very suitable for the famous people, too. We all know that now the reporters and journalists are crazy. They would try their best to gain more breaking news and some of them would violate people’s privacy. So it is very hard for the famous people to protect their privacy. They deserve this wonderful tool very much. This device can help them very much in avoiding being tracked by the disturbing tracker. You can get your freedom and privacy back even if you are famous.

The effective range is up to 10 meters radius for GPS, depending on the signal strength and location. So no matter where the GPS tracker is hidden in your car, the GPS jammer can make the tracker invalid. And the weight of this advanced GPS jammer is only 110g including the battery, so you can take anywhere you want in case that a mini tracker is hidden in your clothes or something else. The last but not the least, the GPS jammer is effective against all kinds of GPS. So one jammer is enough to protect your privacy at any condition.