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Better life can't go without mobile phone wifi signal jammer

Posted on 8th Mar 2016 @ 9:46 AM

The arrival of the ear of wireless network has changed our life greatly. Even we are outdoors, we only need to connect the wifi and then we can surf the internet. However, is this wireless network lifestyle really safe? Of course not. Improperly used, it will exert bad effect on us. If you have a jammer device at hand , you will not have so much trouble. In the following, we will get to know a mobile phone wifi signal jammer and its functions.

12W High Power WiFi Bluetooth 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer with 6 Antennas

The internet has changed our life greatly. This is especially true with the emergence of wireless network. Nowadays, you can surf the internet  with your mobile devices no matter you are indoors or outdoors as long as there is wifi signal around you. There is no denying that this really makes our life more convenient . However, just as the old saying goes, every coin has two sides. Have you ever paid attention to the bad effect that the wireless network has brought to us? I have experienced this myself. Every time I go home by metro, I can see people bowing their heads watching films or broadcasting online songs loudly regardless of other people’s feelings. This is just a small case. Let’s suppose that there is an exam and some students take their smart phones to the classroom and connect wifi and then search answers online when the invigilator takes no notice of them. What if some confidential information reveals due to this ? What about you are going to sleep but due to the radiation of your electronic products like computer and cell phone around you that you can’t sleep well ? I bet you may encounter the above situations more or less. The question is can we find a way out to deal with the above situations?  With the arise of jammer products, those will not be bothering problems any more. Among all the jammer products , mobile phone jammer is the most widely known and used one.  If you are interested in jammer products , you can find various types of this device on jammerinthebox. And today, I will mainly tell you a mobile phone jammer, that is the 12W high power desktop 6 antenna mobile phone wifi signal jammer.

This device is composed of a black cuboid box and six antennas. Although the design of this device is simple, it owns powerful features.

1.As the title of this device implies, it can block mobile phone wifi signal. However, it can cut off the 2G 3G signals at the same time.

2.According to the signal strength of different places, the signal-blocking length also varies and its jamming radius can reach to 20 meters at most, which is really a large area.

3.Pay attention that there are six types of mobile phone wifi signals this device can block, they are  the CDMA GSM DCS PCS 2G 3G respectively.

4.This one owns good cooling performance. With the AC adapter it has, this mobile phone wifi signal jammer can continuously work for 24 hours without causing high temperature.

That’s all about the 12W High Power Desktop 6 Antenna Mobile Phone WiFi Signal Jammer. For more information about this device, again you can go to www.jammerinthebox.com.