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Radar Style Mobile Phone Blocker

Posted on 19th Feb 2016 @ 10:06 AM

Different with other signal blockers,the one comes with a radar style design.If you like to get a different,extraordinary,disguised and new coming signal blocker,it is the best choice.

12W High Power Tabletop 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer with Radar Style

We can fixed the disguised blocker in theater, hospital, classroom, prison, company, factory, restaurant and other places where there you wanna it be.No one knows it is a mobile phone signal blocker from the appearance.As we known,mobile phone blocker works in two ways,sends out a low-power,encoded radio signal or modulated radio wave.Some blockers set signal to the same frequency as pagers and cell phones,cutting of communication between and handsets and base stations.Others work as electronic filters that fool mobile phones into thinking there are no frequencies available to make or receive calls.Jamming from the blocker affects the designated area works on cellular transmissions only.Due to the disguised blocker, and cell phones within the range of a blocker will lose signal without showing the reason,just simple indicate poor reception strength,the one is really good at protecting people from cell phone rage with causing none troubles ,quarrels and fights.

Another selling point of the radar style blocker is ,it was built-in a cooling system to keep normal working environment.Everyone knows the importance of a cooling systems to a signal blocker.Keeps a long time work causing unnormal high temperature -- this is the most important and common factor that influence working efficiency ,and even life of blockers..It will keep your blocker cooler and give it much more stable performance and better range.

Take note that ,the disguiser,signal blocker is for blocking 2G and 3G mobile phone,4G network is not included.Anyway,if you like the style or wanna jam 2G 3G phones,just take it away...