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How To Choose The Suitable Signal Jammer

Posted on 15th Feb 2016 @ 10:44 AM

How to choose one practical cell phone jammer is a question. Firstly, let us understand the basic point of jammer simply when we want to buy one. That is said we should know the jammer how to work and what will it rely on. The jammers are interference and shield the wireless communication signal with launching the same frequency signal. So these three factors were very important that they do a good job with each other. That is said if the emission is stronger, the interference signal will be stronger, and the shielding effect is better in the same condition.

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Secondly, you must know what will influence jammer when it shield signal. In the using condition, the signal from jammer will be influenced by different factors. So there are several main points here. For example, we should pay attention to the placement. The jammer is used indoor, it better to install in which is away from underground between 180cm to 220cm and forward the angle. Signal from the jammer will be decline after pass obstructions. In addition to this, the signal strength of the wireless communication in the using condition will be one factor. The signal of wireless communication is weaker that the jammer is better to shield. And the signal of wireless communication is more far away from the jammer, the shielding effect is better.

Now, we can know how to choose a suitable one. According to the above statement, different shielded area should need the different kinds of jammers. In general, jammers are divided to indoor and outdoor. The output power of signal from indoor jammer and the size of indoor jammer is smaller than the outdoor jammer. So the price of indoor jammer is cheaper than outdoor jammer. If you want using in the small and medium rooms, such as classroom, examination room, officer and lobby, bathroom, at the same time, this rooms’ area less than 100 square meters, the indoor jammer will be the suitable one for you. If you want to use in the square, auditorium and conference hall, in these bigger place you can choose outdoor jammer for better. But some place which is big and his structure is complicated, we should have chosen indoor jammer and outdoor jammer that the bigger one can cover the big space and the smaller one can help eliminate the blind space. So we can do the best shielding under the reasonable budget.

There are so many kinds of jammer, you should be clear which one do you need before you buy. The more detail you can know from www.jammerinthebox.com.