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Electromagnetic Wave Is Everywhere And It Is Harmful Or Not?

Posted on 2nd Feb 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Electromagnetic wave is everywhere and it is harmful or not? 《Future Science》magazine in France have published one science essay of electromagnetic wave. This news point that electromagnetic wave is everywhere, and how much harmful to the human do you know? The phone more popular and the universal base have multiply, 4G was used widely. So the people have pay more attention on this issue.

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As we know, broadcast can do broadcast, TV can do the show and the call phone can do call others, satellite space can do communicate, they are due to electromagnetic wave. Radar, microwave, wireless network and X-ray all also can operating by electromagnetic wave. That is say the electromagnetic wave was used all over the world.

You should know that the visible is a construct of one kind electromagnetic wave. Everyone may not know that all of us have a bath in complicated electromagnetic wave. The star produce radio and our body also produce the weak wave. All of devices are working which can launch the electromagnetic wave. So, even you don’t have phone and computer, no wireless internet that didn't mean you surround by the electromagnetic wave, you was surround by it every time. For simple instant, when you turn up your radio, you already have surround by the wave, in spite of you never see it.

The electromagnetic wave world, there are various wave. Some of them are long wave and short wave, some of them are high energy wave and low energy wave, less of them are strong wave and weak wave, you can see them or some wave can’t be visible, however the visible wave are more than the invisible wave. Every kind wave actually is energy, his size is equal zero but it is loading electric that was called quantum, it can move as light when in the vibration.

Actually, all wave length of electromagnetic wave which we have used is longer than the light wave. So according to the theory, the wave we are used just a little danger to us. But the electromagnetic wave also exists harmful for us, but it base on the distance from the wave and strength of wave.

Don’t close the electromagnetic wave that best for your health, but how distance we have to stay is the good choice, it is depending on how strong does the electromagnetic wave has. For example, the electric shavers and mobile phone, which one will more harmful to people, actually that is hard to say. The electromagnetic wave from the electric shavers is stronger than from a phone. But you just need to shave once or twice a day, so it is a little influence for people. But how many harmful from the phone, we all doubt that. And there are not only the phone surround us and most of the device in our life. So for your healthy, you should take a more attention on the signal jammer. http://www.jammerinthebox.com/.