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High Power Multi-functions Signal Jammer

Posted on 30th Jan 2016 @ 5:16 PM

Signal jammers that used in prisons should be powerful and multi-functions to prevent all possibly that may help prisoners contact with others by communication tools without permission in prisons.

80W Powerful 5 Antennas Portable Wireless Anti-explosion Signal Blocker

Breaking fortifications and escaping from jails is not infrequent,and it is a big headache problem to prisons.Administrators always think about the problem to solve it.Generally speaking,inmates need helps from outside ,otherwise they could not escape easily -- before that ,they need contact to each other.So,if we get the key point ,we have been successful a half.To reach the goal,prison jammers is so important that can’t be ignored.As there are several kinds of communication tools,so the signal jammer must can jam all signals...

The prison jammer we recommend today can meet the requirement -- Mult-functions: bans signal of cell phone ,wireless radio,walky-talky,GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi,prevents the contacting from each prisoners or outsiders within its range.We know it is difficult for one prisoner to escape from the prison ,to break the defense system he must need helps of the partners which come from other cells ,even from outside.All communication tools that works via those frequencies will be well jammed by the prison jammers:20-30MHz/Radio Control Toys, Analog phones&Alarms/45W ,20-30MHz/Radio Control Toys, Analog phones&Alarms/45W,20-30MHz/Radio Control Toys, Analog phones&Alarms/45W,310-350MHz/Walky-talky ( UHF300 )/55W,400-480MHz/Walky-talky ( UHF 350)/55W,800-850MHz/Walky-Talky(UHF700/800),TETRA/100W,850-895MHz/Cellular CDMA/TDMA,alky-Talky(UHF800/900)/120W,925-960MHz/CellularGSM900/120W,1520-1580MHz/GPS&Satellite;Thuraya;Iridium;Odyssey;GlobalStar;Inmarsat;Aces;Elipso/45W,1520-1580MHz/GPS&Satellite;Thuraya;Iridium;Odyssey;GlobalStar;Inmarsat;Aces;Elipso/45W,2110-2170MHz/Cellular UMTS/WCDMA(3G)/100W,2400-2500MHz/WLAN & Bluetooth & Wifi/28W.This is a Powerful signal Jammer to jam all data transferring in prison.

But before buying the prison jammer,you should let us know more info so that you can get a suitable recommendation.