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Waterproof Blaster Shelter Prison Jammer

Posted on 12th Jan 2016 @ 9:53 AM

The signal jammer comes with a special red color and waterproof blaster shelter outer casing design, strong in protecting equipment inside and so we recommend it for prisons.As a device that jams unapproved mobile phone signals in prisons should have a highlight color to achieve goal of deterrent.The red color is the only one for that -- the whole metal casing was colored in red ,to tell inmates to keep a safe way from the device.

High Power Waterproof Blaster Shelter 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer

See from the outer casing,we can feel how hard it is from assaulting -- some guys may break it if they know it is the device which disabled their unapproved mobile phone using in jail.It is impossible to break or destroy the prison jammer if they have no necessary tools.It is blaster shelter.And another point is ,the outer casing is waterproof,so it can be fixed outside the door,on the hall.

Please note ,the prison jammer is mainly jamming 2G CDMA (851MHz-894MHz) GSM(925MHz-960MHz) DCS(1805MHz-1880MHz) PCS (1930MHz-1900MHz) ; and 3G (2110MHz -2185 MHz) not for 4G and new coming 5G.You may chat with our online server for more requirement .We know it is difficult for one prisoner to escape from the prison ,he needs the help of one or more partners to break the defense system.Maybe the partner(s) is / are from other cells ,even from outside.Communication tools are so important to them,meanwhile ,the power jammer is so important to prison’s security system.Maximal jamming range of the prison jammer is 25meters ,same with the requirement of frequencies,if you need a wider signal jammer,please make a inquiry.

Anyway,if your places allows and uses 2G 3G mobile phone signals,the waterproof Blaster Shelter Prison Jammer is a good choice for jails.