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GPS + UHF + LoJack + Cellphone Signal Jammer

Posted on 30th Dec 2015 @ 9:52 AM

According to the trend of future development ,the signal jammer was designed to be more multifunctional.Not only mobile phone signals ,GPS ,LoJack and UHF signals can be also jammed by the signal jammer.

Table-top Design Powerful GPS UHF LoJack Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

For jamming mobile phone   If mobile phone signals are disallowed in your area, please turn on the corresponding buttons and antennas -- then the device works to jam 2G CDMA(851MHz-894MHz),GSM(925MHz-960MHz),DCS(1805MHZ-1880MHz,PCS(1930MHz-1990MHz),3G (2110MHz-2185MHz) signals.Note that,the mobile phone signal jammer is not for 4G and more.Under the covering of the signal jammer ,mobile phones signal is unavailable,phone making and receiving,text,chatting,net researching are forbidden until the signal jammer was turn off.

GPS and LoJack jamming are the similar principles.GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system that divided into several parts,some is for navigational purposes and military (that is so obviously and understandably),others for commercial entities and even for individuals.Lojack are also a equipment to locate and track something via the same principle.Due to the wide using of GPS in our cell phones,individual handheld units,vehicle navigational and other GPS devices,positioning serving systems --our privacy is precarious.Global positioning system sends out radio signals via series of earth orbiting satellites,when the signals was received by a GPS receiver,triangulation(for calculating location by its three separate points) will determine the current positioning.Our vehicle’s location will be delivered to GPS receiver with an accuracy of only inches,under triangulation.GPS and Lojack : GPSL1(1500MHz-1600MHz),Lojack:160MHz - 175MHz.

UHF 400MHz -470 MHz also be included in the covering range of the signal jammer.The jammging range is from 2 meters to 40 meters,within the scope,all signals we mentioned today will be well jammed by the signal jammer.