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Portable Aluminum Box : 3G 4G Mobile Phone & WiFi & Bluetooth Signal Blocker

Posted on 25th Dec 2015 @ 9:58 AM

The signal blocker is professional for blocking mobile devices,smart phones,for example.And we know,with the development of smart phones,more new base functions are being developed,such as Bluetooth data transmission,wireless fidelity,or GPS software service.Most of time,a signal blocker needs to block mobile phone signal both or together with WIFI and Bluetooth signals -- that’s what the signal blocker can do .

16W High Power 8 Antennas Desktop 3G 4G WiFi Bluetooth GPS LoJack Jammer

3G (2100-2170MHz),4G (wIMAX2345 -2400,2620 -2690MHz),the two are main working frequencies smart phones and other mobile device.So,when the signal blocker works on those channels ,they are disabled working .The device dose not forget the other traditional 2G signals (CDMA:851 to 894MHz,GSM:925 to 960MHz,DCS:1805 to 1880MHz,PCS:1920 to 1990MHz) -- all of them could not escape from the signal blocker.Under its covering range,mobile phone can not make or receive calls,chat via all social software,message and net play any more -- because connection between base station and mobile phone has been broken up --no matter the existence and being formed.

WiFi and Bluetooth signal that included in the range (2400 - 2500 MHz) could be blocker by the signal blocker as well.That is another way to reduce communication via mobile phones -- double protection.

At last,the signal blocker comes to you with a portable Aluminum box.You may take it anywhere freely,light, waterproof and shock-proof.And it is a small house of the device ,it can stay inside and keep cleaning when it in rest time.