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Portable WiFi Bluetooth 3G 4G Mobile Phone Blocker

Posted on 22nd Dec 2015 @ 3:14 PM

Mobile phones are everywhere in the words,including 2G 3G 4G and the new coming but now not widespread 5G ,networks is being developed.It is possible to call anyone at anytime as long as he gets a mobile phone.But we know ,phones are not welcomed at everywhere,such as ,restaurants,theaters,concerts,shopping malls,,churches,jails,meeting rooms and other places -- suffer from the spread of cell phones,and not all phone users know telephone etiquette.So we recommend the mobile phone blocker,has a strong ability to blocking 2G 3G 4G cell phones and WIFI,Bluetooth signals at the same time,so that we can avoid to be forced to share commercial or intimate details of some talkers.

Handheld Selectable Bluetooth WiFi GPS LoJack 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer

Same with other type of radio signals,mobile phone signal jammer just need to break the communication of service network,base station and mobile phones.We know base stations divide a citu into small areas or cells,when phone users across through different street,the signals may hand from station to station.

To the mobile phones signal jammer,it creats some form of interference at the same frequency ranges and block ,break the current and stop forming of new communication of cell phones and base stations. So cell phone users may find theirs are in low signals or none signal service situation -- as phones are disabled in fact.

So you can take with the mobile phone after it is full charged,it provides you a maximal 20 meters protection ranges from mobile phone ,WIFI and Bluetooth signals.