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Hidden Style Handheld 3G 4G Mobile Phone +WiFi+ Bluetooth Signal Jammer

Posted on 11th Dec 2015 @ 9:51 AM

Market needs some signal jammers in hidden design,as customer may use the device in privately to help them in somethings.So here we design a hidden signal jammer to meet customers requirements.

Multi Functional Hidden Handheld Selectable 2G 3G 4G Phone & WiFi Blocker

At first ,let’s see what the hidden signal jammer can do.From the title,it states that the device can jam 2G 3G 3G mobile phones. If cell phones work via these frequencies :CDMA/GSM: 851-960MHz;DCS/PCS:1805-1990MHz;3G:2,110-2,170MHz;4GLTE:725-770MHz;4GWimax:2345-2400MHz or 2620-2690MHz --then they will be jammed by the hidden signal jammer.Also,2400 MHz -- 2400 MHz WiFi and Bluetooth are also the targets of the device,no matter they are from smart phones or other devices.

Then,look at the device.There are six small and short antennas -- that’s more powerful than others handhled signal jammer that have no.It has for windows for heating dissipation,you know,it becomes hotter after it worked a long time.It is a necessary way to keep normal temperature of the working environment.Here is coming,why we said it is a hidden signal jammer?There is a hat ,two parts for hiding six antennas -- so it just looks like a walkie talkie radio.You know that is convenient for our customers carry it out and jam some boring calls in cinemas or library.We have a coat for the device for ting to arm.

Company ,factory or building administrator can buy the hidden handheld signal jammer for your security guards -- if you have necessary to keep none signals in a special place.For personal,it is a good choice for you to protecting a silent environment from calls ringing.