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Mini Handheld WiFi Jammer

Posted on 27th Nov 2015 @ 9:59 AM

We have introduced a mini handheld GPS & mobile phone signal jammer before,now here is another one for jamming WiFi signal in the same appearance and size.The WiFi jammer jams WiFi 2.4G 2400-2500MHz only,that is a difference from the former -- can not jam cell phone signal.Anyway,if you look for one to jam or suspend WiFi signal you may try this one...

Mini Handheld Bluetooth WiFi Signal Jammer with Built-in Antenna

As the device is pocket -size,yes ,the size is a little bigger than a car controller key but well controlled in your palm .There is a button to switch on and off,on need other buttons to switch and adjust -- as we said before,the WiFi jammer is only for WiFi.So it is simple operation and outer casing design,and no external antennas.Regarding antennas,there is a built-in one only -- you know that helps the device to hide it’s function and characters.It dose not look like a device that jams and suspends WiFi signal.

Why we need a WiFi jammer ?Public WiFi signals are everywhere,some are official but some are “unclean”...You know,some guys build and emit WiFi signals to attract people with none passwords setting or too simple to be broken.Then entice us to their phishing sites step by step -- steal our personal information ,such as ,our bank account ,cards’ passwords or our address book.Another kinds of unclean WiFi source is fulled of pornographic information.Kids,if they are playing a mobile device,may connect automatically to those websites...So embarrassing,you see.But if we take the WiFi jammer gone with us,we can make it work and keep out mobile devices away from unclean signals.With a up to 10 meters’ covering range,it can provide us an no WiFi environment.

The WiFi jammer is provided with both car charger and home charger to ensure the possible of charging whenever and wherever.