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A Man Found Wife’s Car was Tracked by Kidnappers then Designed an Accident...

Posted on 20th Nov 2015 @ 9:50 AM

This is a true news about GPS tracker and kidnappers,reported in two days before.It seems to be a story that happens in TV ,but now it comes around us.Methods of crimes are not as simple as before,kidnappers found more new ways to achieve their aim. Just as tracking ,they use GPS tracker instead of former measures.If someone feels himself was tracked but have no proofs show to police ,he’d better to take a GPS signal jammer when he get into his car and start moving.Yes,GPS tracker is usually installed in car and without causing any notice.Kidnappers can well know where the target is and activity routines,range .To prevent this ,a professional GPS signal jammer is able to help us.

Desktop Style 4G Phone Signal Jammer with Remote Control

A man received a call from his wife that her car was being tracked by another car.For ensuring she was tracked indeed,the husband asked wife keeping driving outside.Sooner,wife told to husband that was true,the car kept following...They had no proofs to show to police and ask for help,and that is not wise as -- it might alert kidnappers that they were found...What’s even worse is ,the couple didn’t know who those kidnappers were.

Then the man got an idea: he planed to make an accident -- he designed time ,path and place for the accident.His 5 employees drove 5 cars to followed cars of kidnappers -- when kidnappers followed to his wife’s car.Of course,it just was a minor accident.The two kidnappers were surrounded ,and then there was a dispute...At last they found anesthetic,rope,knives,escape route,body bags ...And a GPS tracker under the wife’s car.

If we doubt our car was installed GPS tracker by someone in secretly,take it easy,take a GPS signal jammer to help us to break tracking.The device emits radio frequency waves to prevent GPS devices within its coverage range from establishing and maintaining connections.Former GPS devices’ radio waves can not build new or maintain previous connections.Location data won’t be changed and updated...GPS receiver or the one who want to track us is unable to get our position any more -- can’t even know whether the car has moved.

By the way ,the GPS signal jammer can jam 2G 3G mobile phones and Lojack signal as well.