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Do you want to have a 2G 3G Mobile Phone Jammer which just look like a Handbag?

Posted on 17th Nov 2015 @ 9:00 AM

With the development of science and technology more and more people are addicted to use mobile phone to share everything in their life. But some people just heat this especially when they are videotaped or monitored by unknown mobile phones. And there are also some professional are afraid that espionage will theft their core secrets and give them to their competition. So they need to keep the confidentiality of some important meetings that’s why some mobile phone Jammers are been produced. Different Jammers has different functions at some details. Some Mobile Phone Jammer is designed to cut off the signal of 2G and 3G mobiles and others not. And some Jammers are designed very smart and is easy to move but others not.

High Power 5 Antennas 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer with Remote Control

Here is a Mobile Phone Jammer which is designed very fashion and camouflage is used to cut off the signals of 2Gand 3G mobile phones.

 It has 4 antennas and can cut off the signals of CDMA and other signals. The work distance of it could up to 30 meters according to specific situations. And you can believe that it is very powerful and you can also use the battery as the power supply of it. Most Jammers don’t have this option. And with the battery it can work 2.5 hours continuously. Because of the excellent heating ventilation and special design with inner aluminum housing that you can use it when it is charging while most Jammer not. But you also need to know the jamming distances is varied according to the signal strength and the specific work location. It is variable just like any Mobile Phone Jammers.

And you can also use it at car or some outdoor situations sometimes. Most people will hard to find the truth of it since it looks just is a handbag!

So if you are really into this Handbag Design Portable 2G 3G Mobile Phone Jammer then you can chat with our online service at http://www.jammerinthebox.com. It is a professional global China wholesale jammer products supplier and they won’t let you down.