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How does a Signal Jammer work at a place like prison?

Posted on 10th Nov 2015 @ 10:19 AM

May be you have known how does a Signal Jammer is working at an office or examination room. It can cut off Signals and make the information safer or enable students to maintain integrity. The Signal Jammer which used at this situation is normal. And this kind of Signal Jammers can’t be used at some specific situations such as prisons or military bases.

120W Powerful Directional 3G Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

At these places the confidentiality of the relatively is large so we need a more powerful Mobile Phone Signal Jammer.

Here is a wonderful Signal Jammer which is very suitable to be used at this place. There are many advantages of this 120W High Power 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer.

The first advantage of this 3G mobile phone signal jammer is that it can cut off 5 frequency bands at the same time when you use it they are: CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS and 3G signals.

The second advantage is that the jamming distance of this 120W high power jammer is up to 150 meters according to the signal strength in the different place and it is really very powerful. It can work continuously and you don’t need to worry about the quality of it. So if you need to cut off the 3G signals of a big area then this 120W High Power 3G Mobile Phone Signal Jammer should be your best choice.

And this high power jammer is environmental friendly and it will not harm your health when you use it.

So if you really need such kind of Mobile Phone Signal Jammer then you can come to our online shop http://www.jammerinthebox.com and chat with our online service. It will help you get the most suitable signal Jammers.

And there are two details you need to know before you buy it. They are the basic common sense for people to use this kind of device.

First, you should use it after this Mini GPS Satellite Signal Blocker is fully charged and you’d better Use it when it is charging or it may strikes or reduce work time. It is in stock and we promise to delivery in hours. You can send it back and we provide a 1 year warranty.

 Second, the jamming distances is varied according to the signal strength and the specific work location.