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Powerful Multifunction Cellphone Signal Jammer!

Posted on 6th Nov 2015 @ 10:21 AM

May be you have heard about the Signal Jammers from many people around you. Maybe you just saw them in some spy and action movies. So what does it recall you when you hear the word "Signal Jammer"? Many people think about spy and information disclosure. We remembered many stars and politicians who involved in scandal because of indecent photos and gossip and so on. Peeping and curiosity is a kind of human nature. It's hard to stop it from humanity but it is easy to prevent it in a physical way.

12W Powerful Table-top GPS WiFi VHF UHF 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer

That's why we invented signal jammers to help us to avoid such kind of problems.

That’s very common for us to see some jammer device which has two or three functions. But people can seldom see a singer jammer which can cut off the signals of the 3G mobile phones, GPS, Wifi, VHF and UHF at the same time. Here is a 12W Desktop 8 Antenna 3G Cellphone GPS Bluetooth VHF UHF Signal Jammer which can satisfy the above conditions.

This 12W high output power has been applied on 3G Cellphone, GPS and UHF jammers. So it is really very powerful. The work distance could up to 25 meters based on the signal strength according to different place. Thus unlike some other desktop jammers which   have 6 antennas and it is a jammer with desktop 8 antenna.

If you are interested in this kind of Signal Jammer, you can visit our online store http://www.jammerinthebox.com/.  It is a professional jammer products supplier. We have many fixed customers from all over the world. You can get the high quality wholesale jammers and many other kinds of jammers which are produced in China. They all have great quality and proper price.

However before you submit the Order, you’d better chat with the online service about the specific parameters .Then you can get the most suitable products and the best service.

And there is two points you need to know, it is applicable for almost all Signal Jammer besides this 12W Desktop 8 Antenna 3G Cellphone GPS Bluetooth VHF UHF Signal Jammer.

First, you should use it after this Mini GPS Satellite Signal Blocker is fully charged and you’d better Use it when it is charging or it may strikes or reduce work time. It is in stock and we promise to delivery in hours. You can send it back and we provide a 1 year warranty.

Second, the jamming distances is varied according to the signal strength and the specific work location.