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Selfie Tickers in Our Travel

Posted on 2nd Nov 2015 @ 11:11 AM

There were 3 days holiday for the 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II from 3 to 5 September,came a peak of trip,most of tourist attractions welcomed so much tourists.And we know ,selfie tuckers have been a part of tourist equipment.Is that safe to carry a selfie stick in crowd ?I don’t think so.Just like the past parade of China,hardly to see selfie sticks in auditoriums.That might be forbidden to use selfie sticks during the whole parade.

12W Powerful Table-top GPS WiFi VHF UHF 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer

These are some tourist attractions may not welcome selfie sticks but have no obvious orders to refuse,such as exhibition hall of painting and calligraphy and cultural relics and historic sites.They hope visitors do not make selfie sticks on paintings and sculptures.Another worry is ,selfie sticks may hurt others visitors--that is a safety problem.

Selfie sticks connect to cell phones via Bluetooth--some selfie sticks may jam cell phones signal.So selfie sticks are now being forbidden gradually.How to say NO to selfie sticks?Take museums for example.We know is nearly impossible to dissuade every visitor who carries selfie stick to stop using in museum.Some may be naughty.We shall take some technology measures -- Bluetooth signal jammer is profession for figure out the problem.Fix the 12 Desktop 8 Antenna 3G Cellphone GPS Bluetooth VHF UHF Signal Jammer in the center of museum and adjust it to the frequency of jamming Bluetooth.Bluetooth of it’s working scope is blocked--selfie sticks can’t work any more.The Bluetooth signal jammer is suitable for using in museums,vocal concerts and playgrounds, it is a middle-large size signal jammer.And another assistant measure is,reminding visitors none selfie sticks can work inside,because Bluetooth signal jammer is working.That will reduce many users.

So we must be careful if we take selfie sticks to travel,for our safety and showing cultural objects'.