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Remote Control Signal Jammer for Disabling Pesky Drones

Posted on 30th Oct 2015 @ 9:51 AM

Drones are always funny,but sometimes pesky -- the kind of little civil air vehicle makes troubles to airports,high buildings,other legal flyers,even pedestrians.With the larger coming drones fans,flyers of areas of fire-fighting,agricultural,meteorological,military are facing serious threaten.Of course,if you don’t like some drones fly around your house and garden,or outside the window of your high building office,you may try the remote control signal jammer.The signal jammer is good at disabling pesky drones.

Adjustable Quadcopters Drone Remote Control Jammer & WiFi GPS Blocker

Aside from public awareness campaigns about drone dangers,more powerful tools are needed as well.Remote control signal jammer comes out due to people need a tool keeps drones away from emergency response areas and flight paths.Drones works by using radio waves to operate,working principle are similar with WiFI and GPS.The jammer emits radio frequency waves that prevent devices within its range from establishing and maintaining connections.For the “Desktop Adjustable Quadcopters Drone WiFi GPS Remote Control Signal Jammer”,it can blocker not only connection between drones and holders,but also GPS and WiFi's (GPS and WiFi disable to keep normal working).

Remote control signal jammer are supported to block drones in emergency response areas ,such as California,firefighters would disable drones by using signal jammer and also be indemnified if they damage hobby drones,which have been used to capture video of fires -- that was allowed by a bill.

Covering range of the remote control signal jammer are 5GHz 5500-5900MHz,2.4GHz 2400-2500MHz,remote control 433MHz,315MHz (for quadcopter);5GHz5500-5900MHz,2.4GHz 2400-2500 MHz,GPS L11575.42 MHz,L2 1227.60 MHz (for drones).Working range is up to 20meters’ radius,but for 315MHz and 433MHz is 10 meters.It is enough to jam drones for your zones.