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Mysterious Black Suitcase : Hand-Held 2G 3G Cell Phone Jammer

Posted on 23rd Oct 2015 @ 9:57 AM

The medium cell phone jammer is suitable for police ,military and businesses to jam phones within limits-- with unknown what it is. Yes,because the device has be covered,or we can say it is protected by a mysterious black suitcase.Gone with us ,looks like a normal suitcase,that is why we call it hand-held cell phone jammer.

Hidden Cellphone Style Mini Portable GPS 3G Phone Signal Jammer

For police,they can take the jammer to block cell phones of suspects,stop phones’ communication,break plans -- in the zone of suspects,certainly,within the covering range of the jammer.As well to military,they can jam communication of opposite military in sciamachies and actual combats.It is easy for a man to carry the suitcase,12kg,not very heavy.Well consider for the convenience of using in actual,policeman and soldier can carry the jammer and run .Open the suitcase and turn the device on and operate it ,after they reached the destination.If any accident,such as,suspects or opposite military found and approached,we can quickly close the suitcase and run away.

For business,the cell phone jammer can keep no phone ring up,no any interrupt during the meeting.Cell phone signal jam all signal in about 50 meters,almost of 2G 3G cell phones disable basic communication function.The suitcase helps us to avoid some trouble ,why participants phones stop working,why they can’t use phones in the meeting -- no one knows there is a signal jammer in the suitcase.They just have to stop distracting and playing phones,chatting on software, sending text ,searching website on wireless mobile equipment,and keep their mind on meeting.In workshops,cell phone jammer is a new way to make employees focus on their works but not wireless mobile phones -- produce machines may harm people if they have any negligence and careless.

If you prefer some all-in-one signal jammer for jamming GPS,Bluetooth,WiFi,RF,Wireless Video,Audio,4G networks at the same time,you may visit www.jammerinthebox.com for more models.