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Hidden Signal Jammer :2G + 3G + WiFi +Bluetooth

Posted on 16th Oct 2015 @ 10:05 AM

The hidden style signal jammer is a device which is intended to prevent radio equipment from receiving and transmitting signals.Many radio applications can be the target of such devices,including,as you see from the title, 2G (CDMA 850-894MHz,GSM 925-960NHz,DCS 1805-1880MHz ,PCS 1920-1990MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz),WiFi (2400-2500MHz),yes ,the most common targets are cell phones.The signal jammer makes cell phones located within their range of action to make or receive calls and messages by transmitting signals on the frequencies at which GSM and UMTS operations are conducted.

6W Powerful 3G WiFi Bluetooth Signal Blocker with Hidden Style Design

This is a hidden signal jammer,coming with a disguised appearance different with general ,common jammer.We may fix it in some places where there are not convenient to use but have to use signal jammers.It is often targeted for use in such areas as examination hall ,theater, hospital, classroom, prison, company, factory, restaurant and other places where the use of cellular phones can prove annoying chit-chat.It is easy to understand why the owners of restaurants,theaters,cinemas,concert halls want to restrict the use of cell phones within their premises.

If it is useless to make users to keep their cell phones switched off by education and publicity in informing ,use a cellphone detector at entrance to refuse transmitting any interfering signal,and give visible or audible warnings if an active device is nearby,then we may and have to take the hidden signal jammer into our account.