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Convenient Remote Controlled 5 Antennas Mobile Phone Jammer Made for You

Posted on 8th Oct 2015 @ 10:33 AM

Nowadays with the improvement of technology, people have come into a smart time. It seems that we can know or control everything we want to. For example, to guaranty the safety of office and home, there are different security cameras being installed for people’s daily use and to monitor the abnormal man or something, people just don’t need to sit in front of the surveillance to check out if there are any dangers. With the help of PC and Android system, we can know what happened in home and office whenever and wherever we are. So convenient! As for phone jammers, it’s common to see that they are man-handed and people take it aside. Then the convenient remote controlled mobile phone jammer can meet the requirement of the group of people who want to make use of the phone jammer in a fixed place and control it wherever they are in any time.

Powerful 15W All Remote Control Signal Jammer with 5 Antennas

Firstly you may take a look at the details of the phone blocker. The aspect that you need to know is that this remote controlled phone jammer is a desktop style jammer and apply the AC adapter as the power supply so that it is suitable to be used in the fixed places and designed with 12 W high output power the jamming distance of this phone jammer is up to 40 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area. Since apply the 5pcs Omni-directional antennas, so this 3G mobile phone jammer own the ability to block the cell phone signals from all directions at the same time. And as for the jamming frequency bands, of course it is also powerful as designed with 5 antennas this remote controlled phone jammer can block the 5 frequency bands CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G of remote controlled phone jammer at the same time.

Moreover, with a high quality cooling system the 24/7 continuously working can reach without causing high temperature and any damage to users. And since this high power mobile phone jammer is equipped with remote control, in this case this high power remote controlled jammer can be turned on/off just by using the remote control. This is the key feature of this style phone jammer which can offer much convenience to people’s daily use. You can control the use of this device whenever and wherever you are. Besides, it can be seen that this product is widely used in some special occasions and conditions such as the military, the prison and some government department or the places where needs quiet like meeting room, conference room, classroom, church and so on.

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