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Cell Phone Jammers in Churches

Posted on 30th Sep 2015 @ 10:14 AM

It is a tide that cell phone jammers are installed in churches for blocking cell phones.It is rude and not wise to disturb when people or priests talked with God.But,there is not only the reason of why churches need cell phone jammers..

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Some reporters found they could not call while covering the wedding of the rich and famous,and were told by priest,cell phone never worked at Sacred Heart for avoiding Israeli counterintelligence.Some churches fixed cell phone jammers among paintings of the Madonna and statues of the saints.The reminding of priests ask parishioners to turn off phones before beginning the services,hoping good cell phone etiquette will eventually catch on.For a lot of parishioners,cell phone is a necessity.But that should not prevent them from having good manners and remembering that one must respect sacred places.Cell phone jammers are well understood by some parishioners,they welcomed the jammers in their parishes.People who bring cell phones to church are not committed to God,and it is very distracting to be praying and suddenly hear birds chirping or techno music.

Not only churches had jammers installed,but also some parliaments,such as India,after politicians ignoreding the requests of turning off their cell phones and legislative sessions were constantly interrupted.And in schools,especially in high schools and universities,cell phone jammers helped stopping cheat on exams.Some Italian universities discovered cell phone-savvy teenagers sent messages and took pictures of tests in exam,they had to install jammers.

Let us back to the topic of churches.“There are still many people who don’t understand that being at Mass is sharing a moment with God, said the Rev.Juan Jose Martinez,a spokesman for archdiocese.”Sadly,we had on other choice but to use these little gadgets.”As we knew before,cell phones within the range of a jammer will lose signal without knowing the reason,just simple indicate poor reception strength.Users get a “no service” or “signal not available”message showing on cell phones.Recommend the one,12W Powerful 10 Antennas GPS WiFi Bluetooth LoJack UVH VHF 3G 4G Phone Jammer.From the title,the jammer jams 2G 3G 4G cell phones,2400-2500MHZ,GPS 1500-1600MHZ,LoJack 165-175MHZ,VHF 135-175MHZ,UHF 400-470MHZ.The type of cell phone jammers are suitable in large-scale places,churches,schools,assembly halls and some others.