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Car Mini GPS Signal Jammer

Posted on 18th Sep 2015 @ 9:46 AM

Almost of cars have installed GPS satellite for recording and tracking the routes they went -- the information collected by police,companies,friends,families.It is necessary -- but sometimes it is another form of invasion of our privacy.Take the mini GPS jammer into your car,will help you to protect your driving information from others.It is in a very small size just looks like a car cigarette.So easy operation,connect the GPS blocker to your car if you want it to work and pull it out to stop working.

Mini GPS Satellite Signal Jammer for Car Using

This GPS Signal jammer is designed to block the signals of the GPS signal trackers and once the signals of them are blocked the GPS trackers will lose its normal function. Thus this device is designed to be used in the car only which is really convenient for the car owners of whom the GPS trackers are installed in their cars. Thus through the size is small the effective jamming radius of this GPS Jammer is up to 15 meters at most.What you need to pay attention is this GPS Jammer can only block the GPSL1 trackers”signal in the car. Need to block other GPS frequency bands, just search for the suitable one.

Start to drive the car after the GPS blocker working.Receiving port and sending port of GPS equipment are broken,so do the connection of equipment and satellite.There is nothing change on the tracking record,GPS lost it’s basic function.No one can get useful information from the recording of GPS equipment.

You may visit here for more GPS signal jammer models http://www.jammerinthebox.com/products/Mini_GPS_Satellite_Signal_Jammer_for_Car_Using.html Take note that,the product should not be used in the criminal activities.So, please make sure your activities is permitted by laws, otherwise, we won’t be responsible for your all unlawful act.