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Silent Public Places

Posted on 16th Sep 2015 @ 9:56 AM

Public places are facing the problem of cell phone ringing noisy,people need silent public environment urgently,and it is becoming a worldwide problem.The problem is likely to get worse with more than 100 million cell phones worldwide and growing and without good cell phone etiquette.You see,we hardly can catch a movie or grab a bite to eat at a restaurant without having the experience interrupted by the sound of cell phone ringing.Sometimes we go into a restaurant and want to enjoy a meal and read,but usually broken by some guys,they seem like to talk loudly on cell phone--but that is noisy,for us.

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Need silence.More and more signs from public places are asking people to turn off their phones especial restaurants and coffee houses,theaters-- it becomes increasingly common.In some parks,cell phone are even forbidden except for emergencies.

Using cell phone jammers is simple but effective way to solve the public problem -- certainly under the condition of necessary emergency calls,such fixed-line telephone.Portable cell phone jammers are suitable for private using in public places,stationary high-power jammers for companies and unites.Cell phone jammers are devices emit signal in the same frequency range with the cell phones use,well blcoking transmissions by creating strong interference.The simple principle of cell phone jammers to jam cell phones.An second measure to help signs to ask people turn off their phones while they got into some places.It is accepted by several governments across the world gradually,they are now considering imposing etiquette on mobile gabbers in public spaces by legalizing technology that blocks cellular signals.This is the future of cell phone jammers ,and effort for silent public places.

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