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Public Security -- Drone Event of Taipei 101

Posted on 31st Aug 2015 @ 12:58 PM

A video about a drone knocked Taipei 101 and then fell down was hot on website,just only 20 seconds but caused more than one hundred thousands views.It was associated to terrorist attack from drones of terrorists.Many people worry terrorists may assault by using drones (fix on bombs),yes,that’s really a colossal menace of public security.

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Like the event,Taipei 101 is the tallest building in Taipei,the ninth tallest building of world,there are shopping areas,office areas.More than ten thousand people work in the office areas,three to five thousand do shopping in shopping ares.According to the habits of terrorists,they love crowd,the more people the better.Tall buildings are their first target,new coming of drones may become their new tools.Drones that fulled of explosive same as remote control bombs--hard to imagine if it bombs to the crowd...


For protecting tall buildings ,towers from attacking of drones,there should be an equipment can block drones,yes ,we mean RF signal blocker.Fix RF signal blocker on the top or middle of towers and buildings to jam drones.The following one is good at working for that,High Power 12 Antennas Adjustable 3G 4G All Mobile Phone Signal Jammer WiFi GPS VHF UHF LoJack RF Signal Blocker.When drones get close to it’s working scope,they will get lost.GPS can’t get nothing from the other two sides--it can’t locate any more.On the other hand,RF signal blocker blocks signal from the controller to drones,the route is broken.Explosive,we mean,if it is remote control bombs,it will be out of control of the controllers--stop bombing in the working scope of RF signal blocker.And we know ,there is an automatic return setting in every drone,when they were jammed they flight back in previous route.The RF signal blocker is adjustment to jam cell phone,including 2G 3G 4G;jam GPS,VHF UHF signal and other RF signal.It is a powerful weapon of public security to protect tall buildings ,towers ,and stop drones.