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Part 2: How to Avoid Tracking from Mobile Phones Using-WiFi Blocker & WiFi

Posted on 26th Aug 2015 @ 9:51 AM

Last article ,we talked about how to avoid tracking from mobile phones using by signal blocker.Now we are going to continue the second part of the topic,it is about WiFi and WiFi blocker.

4 Antennas Handheld WiFi 3G Signal Jammer with Cooling Fan

It is very possible that you will be tracked in a short distance via your mobile phone WiFi.Every time you open WiFi mode, your mobile phone sends it’s signal that contains an only one MCA address.It just like a fingerprint to electronic equipment.Some general stores begin to use the technology to track your moving location.It is not suitable to be used for tracking due to the short distance.But we can’t treat it lightly,because if someone get your MAC address he can figure out your motion.

Some public WiFi sources counterfeit trusted router so that to monitor your bank info and other private info after you connecting the fake WiFi sources.Attack from Middleman -- the third part is common.As long as middleman gets into a no password protection WiFi source,it can intercept information of the two parts and even insert new fake information.HTTPS,TLS or SSL will be better but that still be not safety although it is more difficult to be tracked by attackers via WiFi,such as SSL Heartleed.

Say NO to some public WiFi source unless you trust really.You know it is not safe enough.As we said in last article,you can’t be sure of your mobile phones have been cut off all connection to outside.The WiFi blocker is professional for that.

Also be portable and low power like the signal jammer we recommended in previously.The jammer blocks hidden connection of mobile phones and outside WiFi sources.You don’t need to worry about fake WiFi source connects to your mobile phones automatically or middleman breaks and inserts into connection of your phones and public WiFi ,under the protection of WiFi blocker.Besides ,the jammer also can block tracking from 3G mobile Phones using ,but not WiFi only.By the way ,it is easy to know that the signal jammer recommended in last article is mainly for mobile phone using,but for the WiFi blocker ,it is for mobile phones using+WiFi using+Bluetooth using.

Please kindly note that, the WiFi blocker aims to protect privacy of users, should not be used for the criminal activities. So, please make sure your activities is permitted by laws, otherwise, we won’t be responsible for your all unlawful act.