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When the Fourth Generation Communication System Makes Progress

Posted on 19th Aug 2015 @ 2:50 PM

2G cellular phones almost have be weeded out now when the fourth generation communication system made progress in the new coming 4G cellular phones.We know 4G phones are more advanced and powerful than 2G and 3G phones in all functions and performance.It is a good new to all users includes those bad guys who are wrongdoers,phone-call recording,GPS tracking,steal personal information & banks’ passwords and so on.To protect our legitimate interest,we need to improve 2G 3G signal jammer to 4G jammer to meet the requirement of the current markets.

16W Powerful Adjustable US Version WiFi GPS VHF UHF 3G 4G LTE Signal Jammer

The one is professional for 4G cellular phones,16W Powerful Adjustable US Version WiFi GPS VHF UHF 3G 4G LTE Signal Jammer.We know the jammer jams 3G 4G cellular phones,WIFI signal,GPS tracking,VHF UHF wireless walkie-talkie.

For example,in schools' libraries,it is forbidden to use cellular phones.Mainly cellular phones in using is 3G and 4G.With the covering of new 4G signal network,most of students give up their 3G cellular phones and begin to use 4Gclellular phones.If use a jammer that can’t jam 4G signal,it looks like an imperfection.There is still ring ringing in libraries,some phones escape and keep disturbing others.Or in the classes,some users of 3G are forbidden but 4G can still keep working...If you are using a jammer that mainly for jamming 2G and 3G only ,please instead the 4G signal jammer of it.You may have more choice for banning WiFi ,GPS and VHF UHF.For the 4G signal jammer,3G signal is not removed.It keeps to jam 3G and 4G the two mainstream cellular phones.To the new users ,it is the best choice that used for your offices,schools,churches,prisons ,hospitals and gas stations.

Signal jammers develop with the development of cellular phones to ensure themselves won't be weeded out by the times.But please kindly note that, the product aims to protect privacy of users, should not be used for the criminal activities. So, please make sure your activities is permitted by laws, otherwise, we won’t be responsible for your all unlawful act.