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Some Suggestions for Fans of UAV

Posted on 14th Aug 2015 @ 9:49 AM

UAV owns more and more fans with it’s various of purposes and not too expensive price.Topics of UAV are hot and mainly focus on shooting down and forbidding--although there are still no specific laws allow to do that.For this and for well use UAV ,there are some suggestions for fans.

Handheld 3 Antennas 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz Remote Control Signal Blocker

Airport  It is a restricted zone to UAV forever,yours must keep away from airports.Some manufacturers have added sensitive areas to UAV,so it can’t fly in those areas.And you need to remember,don’t appear with your UAV -- you may be arrested ,if cops doubt you are a terrorist.

Military Installation  That is huge danger to your UAV,you know why ,unless you are a real terrorist...Another reason is radar.Radar is so high-power,it may damage sensor of UAV if it is scanned.

CBD and Inside of Building   In fact it is related with GPS.CBD will reflect GPS signal via its so much glass,and there is no GPS signal inside of building.We know UAV locates through GPS,but those places will jam and it will fly without direction.

And some other places ,for example,UAV just never flies above the crowd,if it bombs-- you know ,no one can be responsible for that.Besides,UAV shall avoid high-tension cables,base stations,strong breeze,iron towers,iron mines,wharves and so on.

But if your UAV has flied into those places,how to save it ?You know that may happen on you.So you must have a measure for that.You need a portable remote control jammer to do something for the emergency.The Portable 315MHz 433MHz All Remote Control Jammer is really designed for UAV,easily taken with and operated,slight weight,suitable working scope.If your UAV is in danger ,the remote control jammer will jam the signal.When UAV can’t get orders from the controller and was jammed,it will re-design a new flight route and turn back to the place of departure.That is what you should know and do ,as a fan of UAV.

The last and most important suggestion for fans is ,own an remote control jammer.It is an ad,sorry but you need it indeed.