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Tactical Jammer - a New Member of Defense System

Posted on 29th Jul 2015 @ 9:00 AM

A command ,as a heart of a military in a war. To both sides, it is a center of information and leaders that need to be protected in all time.As long as one part’s command was destroyed,sorry,game is over.So there must be a strong defense system for command of each military.

12W Powerful Table-top GPS WiFi VHF UHF 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer

To expand a defense system to break up enemy’s tactical plan,tactical jamming devices are in needed. How to protect command from remote control bombs ,how to protect confidential information from enemy’s cellular phones,and how to protect current location information from their GPS devices ?It is a big problem to every military.

From the title we know protagonist of the article today is Tactical Jammer.So ,what it is ,how it can do?Let’s take one of Tactical Jammers ,12W Powerful Table-top GPS WiFi VHF 3G Cellphone Signal Jammer for example to see what and how it do as a new member of defense system.

Take the tactical jammer with a military and make it works in the command.There are several working frequency for different jamming targets ,it depends on you.If you doubt that your command is in the danger of remote control bombs,you can set it’s working frequency and make it send the specialized signal to jam the remote control.Plan of bombing command fails.The second,enemy want to find out where your command is and then lock -- launches guided missiles.It is a heavy work for human beings,to discover location,avoid tracking from GPS,restrict cellular phones from enemy’s scouts...Especially in the situation of under strength,that will divide forces.But if do those by tactical jamming device,it is a simple job.All of those can be solved by the tactical jammer.It can block GPS tracking,and make wireless communication equipment stop working-- even if scouts know your location,they can’t send the information to their command.Besides,the tactical jammer can also jam wireless walkie-talkies-- scouts can’t talk to each others.

That is what the tactical jammer can do and how it does,why it is a new member of defense system.