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Part 1 of Hidden Series: “Cigarette” Hidden 3G Signal Jammer

Posted on 20th Jul 2015 @ 10:15 AM

In a previous article ,Assumptions of Personal Using Signal Blockers,I supposed there will come out some signal jammers in new size ,weight,case,shape, in future.Now here have been a new 3G signal jammer in cigarette case-- a new progress in shape & case design.The 3G signal jammer looks like a pack of cigarette,you can never recognize that is a cigarette jammer.

Hidden Style 3G Cell Signal Jammer with Handheld Cigarette Case Design

It is one of our new coming hidden jammer-- cigarette jammer.


The hidden jammer is specialized for 3G mobile phones.Good design for personal using,such a light weight it has ,and so low output power.If you are preparing for a secret commercial negotiation,and you have no idea for keeping your talking content in secretly...But it is not convenient to use a signal block in your meeting room as that is disrespectful to the object of negotiation.You may try the cigarette jammer.You can fix it on anywhere your room and without causing nay attention even if the cigarette jammer isn’t hidden--it stay there but no one knows it is a 3G signal jammer.It is a real “hidden jammer”.So you can have a relax ,you don’t need to doubt that your objects negotiation are using mobile phones to let another part hear what you are chatting about in their pockets.


Anyway,you can take the hidden jammer to anywhere to protect your profit and without trouble.If there are some guys speak loudly to their phones in some places where there is a warning of NO PHONING,and no one can dissuade them ,you may try the hidden jammer...Certainly ,those guys don’t know what have happened to their phones (by whom),on the other hand,on one knows you have helped them to dissuade those guys...It is really a interesting cigarette jammer!


Please kindly note that, the product aims to protect privacy of users, should not be used for the criminal activities. So, please make sure your activities is permitted by laws, otherwise, we won’t be responsible for your all unlawful act.