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Cop Using Remote Control Signal Blocker

Posted on 13th Jul 2015 @ 11:17 AM

Recommend a cop using remote control signal blocker,mainly used for collecting proofs in cars of suspects.In cops' working scope,there are two important parts -- proofs collecting and culprits arresting.The best places for proofs collecting are officer,house and car,especially in cars.How important a car it is to a person.People think cars are their safe private space,they are relax in their cars.So most of related proof are hidden in cars.But sometimes it is a problem to cops for accessing target cars without causing notice of suspects.

Handheld 3 Antennas 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz Remote Control Signal Blocker

The Handheld 3 Antennas 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz Remote Control Signal Blocker,comes for figuring out the problem for cops.

Follow up the suspect after ensuring he is the one the cops need to be watched out,feel out his action path and docking stations.OK,then cops can stop their car and stay in car to wait for the coming of suspect.It is a little exciting ,like the story in movies...Keep lights of car are turned off ,just don’t let anyone knows there are some guys/cops are staying in cars.You know ,suspect is so hypersuspicious,he will run away quickly if he doubt there is something different.Oh,i digress.Let’s turn back to the process and the remote control signal blocker.Image the car of suspect is coming ,now the time cops need to estimate when the suspect will get off .Cop need to press your remote control signal blocker when the suspect presses his car remote control.Jamming signal from the signal blocker will banning signal of car remote control to jam it’s order.So there will be a false appearance that the car has been closed by car remote control but in fact it hasn’t.The next is cops showing time,they can access to the target car to find out what they want and do want they wanna.Such as ,take their cop using bugs or spy cameras into the target cars to obtain more proof and so on.

It is a so simple and convenient cop using remote control signal blocker ,is it ?Please kindly note that, the product aims to protect privacy of users, should not be used for the criminal activities. So, please make sure your activities is permitted by laws, otherwise, we won’t be responsible for your all unlawful act.