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Assumptions of Personal Using Signal Blockers

Posted on 10th Jul 2015 @ 10:01 AM

Here are some assumptions of all personal using signal blockers,hope the product becomes more perfect in future.

3 Antennas 3G Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

First ,the colors of all signal blockers,it should not always be in white and black or golden colors.It should have had a colorful appearance .Sorry ,but the assumption is not only from female’s terms to make it show with a cute and beautiful appearance.Why it can’t own different protective coloration just like the chameleons?That is a way to protect itself,i will state and supplement the assumption more in details in the following points.


Second,weight and size.In my opinion,the current weight and size of signal blockers are not perfect for personal using,too heavy and big,not very convenient.It should be reduced its weight and size by a large margin.It should be as light as a matchbox or even a fastener.That is really suitable for personal using...


Third,shape.Let’s continue to supplement the first two assumptions.Why not to learn from pinhole camera,fastener camera and any other spy camera,the jamming targets of the signal blockers?I mean,shape of signal jammer also can be diversified,it can look like a necklace,ring,earring,pen,watch...It should have a good ways and shape to hide its functions and purpose...That is why I image signal blockers have a colorful appearance and in small size and light weight,the three assumptions are so related can not be separated.


The next are assumptions of it’s performance.

Now signal blockers can ban it’s targets only,can’t track and find out where the targets come from.So in the future ,we hope it can do that all and well.When object of protection of signal block is attacked ,it can distinguish and track the source quickly.Maybe that is not enough for us ,we hope it has a power ability to counter attack the invaders until it break down the whole system.Different from the previous working ways,the signal blockers will fight back accurately 1-to-1,but not jam all signal sources anymore.In short,signal blockers have a powerful protection ability and exact counter attacking ability.