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How to Avoid Tracking from Mobile Phones Using - Signal Jammer the Best Way

Posted on 3rd Jul 2015 @ 9:00 AM

We saw some details from movies:To avoid tracking of evil organization or reactionary gang, leading actors broke into pieces or threw into River.Here comes a question ,can obtain private information by mobile phone using in our real world ?In other words,are we facing the problem that tracked by smart phones using ?The answer is YES.Today ,we are going to share 3 ways to avoid the tracked problem.Before talking about these ways ,we’d like to remind you in previous that the best way is from signal jammer.

3 Antennas Portable Mini Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

After doubting you are being tracked by using your mobile phone,the first response is turn your phone in to flight mode.Don’t wanna scare you but that dose not work .There are tow operation systems in per mobile phone,one is for cellular network and another for users.Flight mode just bans the second function,can do nothing to the connection of mobile phones and network.Network connection still be.Even if without sending GPS coordinates,you are still tracked and discovered.Only if your mobile phone relates to base stations,you are tracked.


And how about take out of SIM card ?Although that is a way to avoid most of network crime,your mobile phone tracked by Stingray equipment or fake 2G base stations from NSA due to there is a identifier in every cell phone.Moreover,if it is 2G mode that means the mobile phone can’t get the protection from encrpytion tachniques.


So the 3 ways for avoiding tracked from using mobile phone are ,


  1. Breaking your mobile phone into pieces ,but we know that is impossible in most of cases,unless you are in losing your temper...


  1. Take out of the battery from your mobile phones,that is simple and rough.By the way ,sometimes the way is useless.Because some evil soft likes Power Off Hijack,will cheat you by general pictures of power off.It closes the display only but not the whole mobile phones.And ,it seems more and more difficult to find a mobile phone that the battery is removable...


  1. Use the 3 Antennas Portable Mini Mobile Phone Signal Jammer,it is portable and in 1.2W low power.It the working mode of the signal blocker ,you can ignore the first and second way,no flight mode and battery taking out.Connection of mobile phones to real or fake base station won’t exist anymore.The Signal jammer jam and refuse the invitation from all base station,so we don’t have to worry about the signal that comes from fake stations in anytime even if keeps SIM card in .And you can take the signal blocker with you in anytime and anywhere.


That is why signal jammer is the best to avoid tracking from mobile phones using .