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The Importance of Signal Jammers Used in Metro

Posted on 23rd Jun 2015 @ 9:41 AM

Last time ,we had a topic about why say no to cell phone using in gas station,now let the concern focus on metro.

12 Antennas 28.5W High Power WiFi GPS VHF UHF LoJack 3G 4G All Bands Adjustable Signal Blocker

Density of mobile phone users in metro is so large,almost all passengers play their phones when training.Absolution ,it forms a big signal disturbing magnetic field in per metro and may jam the whole control orders’ program.So a big risk and threat to the running metro.But I thinks it is impossible to obtain permission from Wireless Telecom Carries,you know ,that will reduce their profit.In fact ,Shenzhen Metro now still be rejected by those Wireless Telecom Carries.They’d better to adopt a good measures --- Signal Jammer .Banning cell phone signal in the running metro train is the main work of signal jammer .


In the early 2012,Shenzhen Metro Group found the problem and apply to Shenzhen Communications Authority for stopping 3G and WiFi signal in the whole Shenzhen Metro lines.Many lines of running metro suffered emergency brake due to the system attacked by unknown signal source.Metro trains had to turn on their automatic protection functions ,so they could not run again in high speed provisionally.The event caused the public worry to the security of metro operation.


After researching ,they found the real reason.Portable Wifi information channels of passengers using maybe same with metro’s will disturb each other.And we know ,most of smart phones can be set to be a wifi transmitting equipment.Although the using signal system is the most advanced CBTC of CASCO company,most safe and highly efficiency,it is hard to say ,you know ,such a highly developmental speed of technology,it may cause new problems to CBTC system with the new coming of wireless transmitting equipment.


Return to signal jammer ,the one -- 12 Antennas 28.5W High Power Wifi GPS VHF UHF Lojack 3G 4G All Bands Adjustable Signal Blocker,blocks cell phone ,GPS and wifi signal.Most of smart phone are using 3g and 4g net with Wifi Bluetooth function.Cell phones will be banned from base stations and in the situation of dead in the running train -- direct ways to keep safety of CBTC system.Certainly ,that still need obtain permission from related department ,anyway,it perhaps figure out the problem with none of those Wireless Telecom Carries’ business.