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The Development Direction of Cell Phone Jammer

Posted on 19th Jun 2015 @ 9:52 AM

With the development of cell phone technology ,the mobile communication tools are so widely used.Meanwhile, there comes a big problem of phone hacking.

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London ferreted out 20 cell phone signal towers to wiretap phone users before a few days ago.After a further investigation,it found a equipment named “IMSI catcher” was used in UK in secretly. Although aims of “IMSI catcher” is for tracking criminal offender,it also catch private information of general users.In other words,general users may be monitored and wiretapped by investigation department or some law breakers.The deputy head of Privacy International,Mr.Eric Kim,disclosed the equipment is used in the world and it can not distinguish the caught information legal or not .In a simple word,it is not a specialized equipment for tracking criminal offender.

And we know,Cell phone jammer blocks signal by breaking the connection from cell phone and base stations.We can say that is a safe way to protect private information of calls,but it is not a smart way.Because we can not make and receive any calls during that time,means we may lost some important calls.For example ,”IMSI catcher” pretend to be a normal GSM base station,when we make calls we will connect to the fake base station but not the real station.There is a normal call between the both side,but what we talked about was record.Let’s back to the cell phone jammer, the development direction of jammer is aims to solve the problem and more.For now ,cell phone jammer can break the connection of phones and real base stations and fake stations only,no doubt,it is the most safe protection way. It keeps cell phones gets rid of both real and fake base stations’ connection.However ,that is not enough.It needs to do more for us.

Customers' requirement depends the development direction of cell phone jammer .We hope it can identify automatically what are the real and fake base stations,moreover,it can track the source of phone hacking ,stop wiretapping and remind us there is a bug.

Anyway ,I believe it will be well developed in future.