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Be Careful of Car Remote Control Signal Jammer

Posted on 15th Jun 2015 @ 9:58 AM

Just be careful of you car after it closed by the remote control ,please double check it again before your leaving. Maybe you have heard about some poor guys were stolen from their unlocked cars, what’s wrong with car locks? Because the order of locking from the car remote controls were jammed from the the car remote control signal jammer at the moment of pressing ,and you thought the car was closed as you heard the voice rang normally.

Portable 433MHz RF Signal Blocker 50 Meters Jamming Distance

Introducing the evil car remote control signal jammer ,looks like a TV remote control ,supported by rechargeable 2 pieces of batteries. Don’t look down upon it, otherwise your belongings  in car may stolen. In the 50 meters radius ,it can jammer all car remote controls to let them off working.It is really a good partner of Mr.Thief. There may be 2-3 Mr.Thieves work together for your belongings. They may stop their car in a big park or somewhere there are no CCTV cameras monitoring ,or they just hide and avoid inspectors. In most case ,thieves stay in their car and close all windows and lights just makes it look like nobody in. Then they observe surrounding environments and try not to attract the attention of inspectors.The next step is waiting. If they think the new coming guy is a rich, they will begin their plan. But the poor guy still be senselessly,he even leave his wallet behind.That is thing what the thieves want to get. After the poor guy comes out from his car and begin to press the button of car remote control ,the thieves catch the chance and press the car remote control signal jammer too... It has done as soon as the pressing from jammer catches up with the pressing from car remote control. There will be a false appearance that you have well closed the car but it did not in fact. And ,if you have no the habit of double checking or you are in hurry you will become a victim in next few minutes. Thieves will come from their car as soon as possible and work in their cooperation ways, one for stealing ,one for watching and one for their car starting ,the worst case is ,they drive your car away ...

Now you know how the thieves stole by using the car remote control signal jammer,but that is what we want to say .Science technology shall not be judged as good or bad ,it depends on the users only.