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Absolute Quiet Examination Hall Built by 3 in 1 Signal Blocker Jammer

Posted on 8th Jun 2015 @ 10:21 AM

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are big days to 9,420,000 graduates of high school of China ,in fact that is repeated on 7th and 8th June of every year.Yes ,college entrance examinations is so important to every student ,parents,family.If you know a little about China ,you may realize that means lives and futures of most of students are decided by the two days ,by the examinations.It should not be so ,but it has been so for such a long time and will last for a long time in future.Winning the examinations and then get a famous/ good college is the first step of life of every student ,so sad ,but in most of people’s opinions it is the truth for living.

10 Antennas 12W Powerful 3G 4G WiFi Bluetooth LoJack UHF VHF GPS Signal Blocker

For this ,there are so many electronic equipment are being sold on black market to students or parents for cheating ,so that they can get good result in examinations.That is unfairness to those who do no cheat at all .For those students ,they should be provided a fairness competitive condition.

As a lawful business company ,we would like to fight with lawbreakers to try our best to provide fairness condition to students.The 3 in 1 signal blocker jammer is our best gift for children.

Three in one ,means Cell Phone Jammer ,UHF/VHF Jammer and GPS Jammer.The blocker jammer has these three big main functions.It’s effective jamming scope is up to 10 meters.Under it’s protection ,no mobile phone ,no GPS and no wireless walkie-talkie can work ,they are banned.In other words is ,cheating equipment fail to work ,can do nothing.As we know ,inspection testers can’t well check out all cheating equipment,some student can take into the examination hall reconditely.So we need to prepare the second protection net--radio ware net.Even if some student can pass the first defensive system to take the evil cheating equipment in,they can’t work.

Besides ,in the working scope of the blocker jammer ,workers or passengers’ cell phone are banned by the part of Cell Phone Jammer function.Students in examination hall will be disturbed by ring or other boring voice .They need a silence environment to calculate math.For UHF/VHF Jammer function ,it can jam wireless walkie-talkie that taken by security staffs,stop the voice from working electricity.Keep silence.By the way ,Blocker Jammer function can GPS tracker.

Anyway ,we hope we can do some things for the great moment.Hope the world is full of fairness and justice.