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All-powerful Anti-explosion Military Jammer

Posted on 1st Jun 2015 @ 10:13 AM

This is a large-scale and all-powerful Jammer, exclusive for bull sessions, musketry, SWAT, counter-terrorism units, riot squads, checkpoints and so on, for its anti-explosion and waterproof Box-type design.

300W High Power Waterproof Shockproof Walkier-Talkier Signal Jammer

Introducing the Jammer:

  1. Why it is called All-powerful Jammer?

It can jam 4G, 3G (TD/WCDMA/CDMA2000), GSM, CDMA, DCS, be not limited in the generations and brands of mobile phones. Because we know there are different mobile phones are used in the crowd, so, we have to face to all kinds of phones. Here it may concern about the problem of power .The all-powerful jammer has a strong 300W power to support its entire works. Wireless control, interphone, satellite phone, GPS, WI-FI and Bluetooth are all included in its working scope by SPSP (spread spectrum). How to make sure of all procedure orders are well done? To solve the problem, look at the 6 antennas, they are 6 different and independent brands .They have their own different works, not influence and disturb to each other. Maybe in sometimes you need some of them to work some of them to rest, you may control antennas by corresponding buttons. It is a flexible design for purposes.

  1. Why we call it Box-type Jammer?

The trolley case is from PELICAN, professional military equipment. It is so durable to protect jammer inside .The Box-type Jammer can work for you in hard environment, such as, in the moist hylaea , mountain crest ,muddy moor or crowded cities .Also ,it can work in heavy rain ,burning sun and fierce wind .Water-proof and high temperature resistance material it uses for case ,that is one of reason it can be a Military Jammer. It is a heavy trolley case, 60kg in totally, if you are a strong man, you can lift with you .But, if it is a problem for you, you can push or pull it to follow you, you see, there are 4 wheels. On the other hand, the size depend it be used for great occasion, just let it stand there, no one can steal no wind can blow it away.

  1. Why we can it Anti-explosion Military Jammer?

At first, the jammer has several power supply modes, from AC220V, built-in battery, vehicle power DC24V. Then, there are two pieces of high efficient heat dissipation fans and cooling fins working in the box to keep a stable temperature. Besides, there are series of anti-explosion design used in the main board .Two ways from outside and inside of the jammer to ensure safety when it is in working.