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Where To Gain The High Power 100 Meters Cell Phone Blockers?

Posted on 23rd Mar 2015 @ 9:00 AM

In the condition now the mobile phone signal blockers are being used in different kinds of places, so the mobile phone signal blockers designed with such as 40 meters, 50 meters, or 60 meters jamming range can't meet up with the requirements of a lot of people now and now since now a lot of people want the high power signal blockers that designed with up to 100 meters shielding range so just here in this passage the example of the 100 meters cell phone blockers will be introduced in the following content then.

70W High Power 4G Wimax Cellphone Signal Blocker

Just here to make it clear for people to know more details so this “70W High Power 4G Wimax Cellphone Signal Blocker” is regarded as the example and then just have a look at the following content and see the details then. This is the 100 meters high power 4G mobile phone blocker, which is designed with up to 100 meters depending on the signal strength in the detailed places and all the TX frequencies cover downlink only. Designed with directional antenna, this 4G Wimax mobile phone jammer is capable of blocking 5 frequency bands at the same time like CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G Wimax. Since it owns superior cooling system, 24/7 nonstop work of this high power signal jammer with directional antenna can be reached without causing high temperature, which is really excellent and just the function that well welcomed by a lot of people now. And for special places such as the church, library, the military and prison and so many other places that need the safe and peaceful condition as well.

And also for more details of other styles of the 100 meters cell phone blockers, you can just come here www.jammerintehbox.com and you can of course gain a good beginning here.