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Perfect Designed the Handheld 4G WiFi Jammers for You

Posted on 5th Feb 2015 @ 10:02 AM

Now for a lot of people now they are designed with the ability to cut off the mobile phones signals and also the WiFi Bluetooth signals at the same time because now people have such kind of need after the coming of the mobile phones and also the WiFi so that to avoid the negative sides as well. But as we observe carefully we will soon find that now there are seldom handheld signal jamming devices that can cut off the signals of 4G WiFi together, but just here in this passage you will soon gain the chance to have a look at the instance of such kind of signal jamming devices.

Handheld Selectable WiFi 3G 4G Mobile Phone Signal Blocker

Of course now there are several styles of the handheld 4G WiFi jammers that are offered here and if you have the need then you can just come and have a look at this example and soon you will know that the full name of the example here is “Handheld Selectable WiFi 3G 4G Mobile Phone Signal Blocker” and then just have a look at the details of this handheld 4G WiFi signal blocker then.

Soon you will know that this WiFi 3G 4G mobile phone signal jammer can be used to block the signals of CDMA GSM 850 to 960MHz, DCS PCS 1805 to 1990MHz, 3G 2110 to 2170MHz, WiFi 2400 to 2500MHz, 4G LTE and 4G Wimax at the same time. Applied with 3W total output power, the shielding radius of this selectable handheld signal blocker can be up to 20 meters according to the signal strength in the given area. Thus as owning the design of the car charger this portable WiFi Bluetooth mobile phone signal blocker can be charged in the car easily. Thus the good cooling system with cooling fan inside has also been used on this handheld selectable WiFi 4G mobile phone jammer as well.

And also for other styles of the handheld 4G WiFi jammers then you can just come here www.jammerinthebox.com and then obtain one at the best price then.