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Want To Gain The Special Designed 4G Mobile Phone Jammer?

Posted on 19th Jan 2015 @ 10:09 AM

We can find that now there are a lot of mobile phone signal blockers that are for sale in the market now and people just need to find the one that is suitable for them and gain them with the best price and soon we can see that there are a lot of mobile phone signal jammers that are for sale in the market now, but we can seldom find the signal blockers that are suitable to block only the 4G mobile phone signals and if you have the need you can just come here jammerinthebox and obtain one here.

Desktop Style 4G Phone Signal Jammer with Remote Control

And in the following content we can just come here and have a look at the details of this high power 4G cell phone jammer then and soon you will know that it is really different from other style of mobile phone jammers as it is designed with 3 antennas and only to cut off the signals of 2300MHz-2400MHz, 2550MHz-2620MHz, and 2620MHz-2660MHz at the same time. Thus because of owning the desktop style and with high power the shielding range is up to 15 meters based on the signal strength in the detailed place.

Also what is more attracting of this 4G mobile phone jammer is that it is designed with the remote control, which is really convenient for operation as well. And for places such as the places such as the conference room, auditoriums, law court, library, exam room, school, cinema, theater, and hospital etc and places the mobile phones are prohibited to be used like the government, military, finance, security, police and command center and so on this remote controlled 4G mobile jammer can be widely used as well. If you are looking for the powerful remote controlled 4G mobile jammer then you can just come here www.jammerinthebox.com and obtain one with the best price then.