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RF Signal Jammers Are Just Waiting For You Here

Posted on 24th Nov 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Just as when people choose the cell phone jammers they will choose different ones that designed with different appearance so that when people have the need to buy the RF signal blockers they will also select the ones according to their needs and requirements as well and for people. And no matter you are in need of the handheld RF signal blocker or the desktop RF signal jammer just come here www.jammerinthebox.com you can soon gain the best access here with both high quality and reasonable price.

Desktop High Power 6 Bands RF Signal Jammer

And as now seldom desktop RF signal blockers are for sale in the market so that in this passage this advanced example that named “Desktop High Power 6 Bands RF Signal Jammer” can just be taken as the example and you will know it is really the perfect design for the people who have the need to block several RF signal at the same time and you can just come here to see the real details.

This desktop 6 bands RF signal jammer is the 6 bands remote control jammer owing the capability of cutting off the 310MHz 315MHz 330MHz 390MHz 418MHz 433MH frequency bands at the same time with the jamming radius up to 40 meters at most. You can really protect your privacy from being monitored by the surveillance systems that controlled by the 310MHz 315MHz 330MHz 390MHz 418MHz 433MHz remote controllers with using this remote control signal blocker. The desktop RF signal jammer can be put in the certain place like your home, office and meeting room etc to block the signals of the remote controllers such as the toy remote controller, car remote controllers, and TV remote controllers and so on.

Using such kind of high power RF signal blocker is also a security tool we all and if you have the need just take action come here to gain the RF signal jammers with the best price.