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Just Obtain Useful Multi-Purpose Signal Jammers Here

Posted on 10th Nov 2014 @ 9:55 AM

Using the multi-purpose signal jammers is really in need now and most people now have the need to cut off the signals of at least the mobile phones GPS at the same time and now since the technology is developing with high speed so that it is not hard to find and gain such kind of useful devices now and just here www.jammerinthebox.com can be a good and reliable access for you then.

Powerful 3G 4G GPS WiFi LoJack Signal Jammer for Multifunctional Purpose

And just here today in this passage a well welcomed high power multi-purpose signal blocker will be introduced to you and taken as the example here and you will soon know that the name of the example here is “Powerful 3G 4G GPS WiFi LoJack Signal Jammer for Multifunctional Purpose” and then just hold the chance and know more details of this high power 3G 4G GPS WiFi LoJack signal jammer via the following content then.

This high power GPS WiFi 3G 4G mobile phone jammer has been designed with good function of jamming the signals of all mobile phones, GPS enabled devices, WiFi network, LoJack. Thus as have applied 18W total high output power, the jamming radius of this signal jammer can reach up to 40 meters depending on the signal strength in the given area, which can be enough to be used in many certain places like hospitals, factories, office buildings, concert halls and so on. Designed with a high quality cooling system, the signal blocker is able to provide a lasting continuous jamming service for the user without causing high temperature and any damage to the device itself. In addition the application of the car charger also enables this high power GPS WiFi 3G 4G mobile phone jammer easy to be used in the car when the owner has the need.

This high power multi-purpose signal jammer is just the example and there are large amount of other style offered here as well, if you have the need then just come to obtain one.