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Camouflage Cover Handheld GPS 3G Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Posted on 8th Oct 2014 @ 9:33 AM

People purchase the product according to their own preference and need and we can see that the multifunctional products are always popular among the crowd. In the modern time nowadays, time is money and efficiency is life. No one doesn’t want to get double the result by doing the half the work. As for blocking wireless and Bluetooth signals, since there are different kinds of electronic products have a wide use in people's daily life, to create a absolute quiet condition, the users often need to block two or over two types of signals at the same time. Then the 4 antenna handheld GPS 3G cell phone signal Jammer with camouflage cover being introduced here is an excellent and suitable one for people's daily use.

Portable Camouflage Cover 3G Cellphone GPS Signal Blockerview product details

This is a handheld cell phone jammer with beautiful and special camouflage cover which is the same color as the camouflage uniforms. Equipped with 4 antennas, this handheld cell phone signal jammer has a good function of cutting off CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G and GPSL1 bands frequency. And the most humanized and convenient design is that in this GPS cell phone signal jammer you can decide which jammer to jam depend on yourself as it is design with optional switch that is to say if you do not want to block the GPS signal you can just turn the switch which controls the GPS frequency band to the “off” situation. With 1W output, the jamming radius of this camouflage cover phone jammer can reach up to 8 meters depending on the signal strength in the detailed places. The handheld design of the phone jammer allows you to make use of outside after having the rechargeable battery full charged. By using the car charger, you can also make the device work as normal in the car directly.


The main usage of the handheld cell phone signal jammer can be in some places where the cell phones are not allowed such as library, church, hospital, exam room and meeting room and similar occasions and conditions. To improve the work efficiency of the work staff, cell phone should be set as quiet mode or can't be allowed to take into the meeting room. However there can exist unexpected situations and someone may just forget that. Then a loud phone rings in the silent meeting room and everyone's thinking is broke up. That can be awful. Otherwise under the protection of the phone blocker, both phone signals and Bluetooth signals are blocked and no more rings appear in the unsuitable occasion.


If you are in urgent need of a device to create a silent condition for you to focus attention on your business work and happy spare time, then here www.jammerinthebox.com which has a lot of different functions and different types of cell phone jammers can be of your interest.