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Enjoy Your Quiet Amateur Life with Powerful Portable Phone Blocker

Posted on 4th Oct 2014 @ 10:12 AM

In the working time of the week day, most people are busy on their own work and may feel stressed out during this time especially for the group of people who live in the big modern cities. Therefore on the weekend, in other words, in their private time, they just need to take a breath silently to relax them and set their work pressure free. But with the spread of the phone devices here and there, you may feel not so easy to avoid being disturbed by the endless calls.

Powerful 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Blocker with Portable Style Designview product details

Aiming at the above troublesome issue, there is a new jamming product invented to help people get a quiet condition for their amateur life. If you have entered some exam rooms, you must have seen the desktop design jammers which are used for the certain places installed on the wall to prevent students from cheating by their phones. This portable phone signal blocker has the same function as the device you have seen. If so you can surely own a peaceful life with the help of this jammer product.


Designed with portable pocket size, it is really convenient for your private use. You just can take this mobile phone signal jammer out easily with putting the device into your pocket or bag. You can make it work at anytime and anywhere you like according to your personal needs. As designed with four antennas, this handheld mobile phone signal jammer can easily block the CDMA GSM DCS PCS and 3G at the same time for you. In other words, if you feel annoyed about others' loud phone talks in a silent situation, you can use the device immediately to make them stop with less effort.


Depending on the signal strength in the given area, the jamming radius of this 2G 3G cell phone blocker can be up to 20 meters. Within the jamming range, the 2G 3G phone signals cannot be received and people’s phone devices will lose the function of making any calls. Easily you can enjoy your delicious food in a restaurant, watch wonderful movies in the theater and read your favorite book in the library. No more unexpected ringtone will interrupt you suddenly. You can spend a happy weekend with your lovers or families. Applied with a good cooling system, the phone signal blocker can always stay in good working condition. You can rely on the high quality of this device which is used to create a quiet condition for you.


If you are tired of reminding others to keep quiet in the place where the cell phones are not allowed, this mobile phone signal jammer can be your thoughtful assistant. You can easily find it in www.jammerinthebox.com and there are also various other kinds of jammers like LoJack signal jammer, GPS blocker and remote control signal jammer etc for you to choose based on your personal needs.